October 2020 Note…

I want to start by recognizing how well all our students are doing with adjusting to their return to school and all the changes to routine because of covid.  Physed class continues to be outside. So far we have been lucky to have had great weather on school days but I would like to remind everyone to be prepared as we enter fall and the temperature starts to get colder. We cannot use the gym at all and the classroom is pretty limiting so if the weather is bad we are still going outside. It is important to have a raincoat if it’s raining and layers if it is cold.

This month K-2 grades will be working on balance, some fundamental movements, and going on some nature walks. Grades 3-9 are doing some work on mindfulness, nutrition, using both weak and dominant feet and hands for striking and they too will be going on nature walks. Grades 4-9 will also be doing some physical fitness testing to be able to create some s.m.a.r.t goals and track their progress over the year.

I wish everyone a happy and safe fall!