October 2020 Note…

September has arrived and slipped by very quickly. We were off to a late start, but are starting to settle into our new normal.  My first semester courses being offered are as follows: English 12, and Business Technology 11. We are going over document processing fundamentals in Business Technology and are working on some treaty education resources in English 12. 

Career Cruising for Grades 9-12 has also started for the grade 12’s. This is an approach to help students become more prepared for the decisions they will have to make on course selections and post-secondary institutions in their future. Our students will be using web resources as a tool to help them make these decisions. Last year all of our grads were accepted into post-secondary institutions of their choosing, which is our annual goal for each grad class. We will continue with the Grade 12 group and make our way down to the Grade 9’s.

We have moved our Grad pictures up to October 7th this year, to ensure if a wave comes we will have this completed. Reminder when we switch to digital learning, to log on to google classroom daily for your assignments and to check your emails daily. All work posted is required this year, and if not completed it could prevent a student from completing needed course outcomes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions: nmaloney@lskschool.ca