October 2020 Note…

September has been a busy month for our grade 10 students.    

This recent past week, with Treaty Education week, our students were looking at the history of the Sipekne’katik fishing issue.

We viewed the film ‘Treaty Tribulations’ (produced by April Maloney) which is a prime example of what can be done with the tools and skills we are learning in Film Production 12.  We wrapped up with a recent clip on YouTube called ‘All Eyes on Mi’kma’ki – Current dispute in Digby regarding Sipekne’katik Moderate Livelihood’.

In Child Studies 11, we are looking at ways to transfer traditional knowledge to children.  We watched and discussed as Kerry Prosper takes us through the entire process of making an eel spear, from finding just the right tree to how the spears are actually made. Mi’kmaq youth are shown the tools and learn their place in the ancient eel tradition on YT.

Throughout the courses, students enjoyed learning the history of the fishing issue.  Some saw family members from history, and some saw many family members who are still exercising our rights today. 

Our students are looking forward to making a JI’KMAQNN and learning some songs in the near future. I am also looking forward to this activity, too.