November 2020 Note…

Hello everyone!

The first month and a half of school has flown by so quickly. The grade 7-9’s have been very busy in class during this time. Grade 7 will be starting a novel study focusing on the book A Stranger at Home which is a follow up book to Fatty Legs and it is about a young girls return home from Residential School. In Science class, grade 7’s are finishing up a unit on Mixtures and Solutions, Grade 8 are finishing up a unit on Cells and Grade 9 are finishing up their unit on Cellular Reproduction. We have had some fun activities such as making water filters and cell organelle cakes to demonstrate our understanding of the topics. Halloween is coming up and grade 7 will be doing a quick writing activity around the topic. One note, Grade 7-9 teachers have gotten together to plan some time for each of the students to go to the store within their bubbles. I am including the schedule below so that parents/students know.

Day/ClassDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
Grade 7Social Studies (Meredith) Science (Hilchey)English (Hilchey)
Grade 8 English (Meredith)Math (Delisle)English (Meredith)
Grade 9Science (Hilchey)Math (Delisle) Math (Delisle)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the school, via email ( or on social media!

Erika Hilchey