November 2020 Note…

Time is absolutely flying, I can’t believe that we’re going to be entering the month of November already. During the month of October our class explored and studied a number of different educational avenues. In art, students got creative making their spooky sunset pictures, we also created scary pumpkins to get everyone in the Halloween mood. In math we focused on skip counting and patterning. Students enjoyed getting outside and using natural materials to create their repeated patterns. In Social studies we examined communities. We compared a variety of communities, the services within those communities and how they change overtime. Our class also focused on Treaty education. We discussed what treaties are and why they’re important, highlighting the importance of taking care of people. October was filled with so many positive educational moments and I know they’ll be more to come in November.

As we move into November our class will continue the momentum we’ve created in October. In math our class will be expanding our sense of numbers as we compare, organize and break down numbers using multiple strategies. In science our class will be investigating the relationship between air and water in the environment. For Remembrance Day this year due to our COVID protocols our school won’t be able to have our Remembrance Day ceremony in the gym so, we’ll have to commemorate it within our class. October was a great month and I’m looking forward to the upcoming month of November.

Tyler Schussler