Elementary Guidance Note November 2020…

Global History 12

We are done with the Cuban Missile Crisis and are moving on to inequality of life in the Northern and Southern countries of the world.  As we all know, water, its conditions and availability are different in the financial Gap.  Therefore, as the Case Study assigned will be “Water: a Common Concern.”  I am hoping to arrange for a speaker to address the class on this very important subject.

The students are working diligently and have warmed to the idea of discussion.  I look forward to every class.

Sociology 12

We are in the midst of a Unit on Culture and its effects on populations.  We are examining material and nonmaterial cultures and how modern trends have escalated over the years i.e. the computer.   

The students have completed the Unit 1 Test and I am very happy to report that everyone who wrote the test passed.