November 2020 Note…

October is flying by, and it is hard to believe that Christmas Break is only around the corner. In English, we have just finished up a focus on ‘Short Story Texts’ and the examination of these texts through Persuasive Writing. We are set to start a novel study that will be a play unit on The Crucible. It is an interesting play that gives an inside look into the events that unfolded in Salem, Massachusetts often known as the Salem Witch Trials. 

Business Technology 11 is completing their final weeks in learning touch keyboarding and will be moving into a Unit that focuses on Word Formatting of documents for a variety of purposes. 

Grad pictures have been taken early this year to help be pro-active in case a second wave hits us. Grade 12 students have been working on their post-secondary plans, and applications are underway. Grade 11’s has been updating their myblueprint plans to ensure they are on track to graduation, and to begin contemplation of future career choices.