November 2020 Note…

Kwe’ From Grade 4’s

The grade 4’s are doing great with remembering their email addresses and passwords for their Gmail accounts. They know how to navigate to google classroom to find their assignments as well. October was Mi’kmaq History Month. Our class learned about the Residential School System and the impact it has had on Indigenous communities for over a century – an impact recognized as a cultural genocide, and an impact that still continues today. We honoured Residential School Survivors, Phyliss Webstad, Magit Poulette, all Survivors and also the ones that did not survive.

We designed our own orange shirts and we re-created a Magit’s Doll. Thank you for showing us courage by sharing your stories with the world. We also learned about our Treaty Rights and what it means when we hear the phrase, “We Are All Treaty People.”  We created our own Peace and Friendship Treaty for our classroom, made wampum belts and we made posters that supported the Treaties of 1752, 1760 and 1761 and also for our fishermen/fisherwomen exercising our Treaty Rights in Digby. 

We will continue to learn about the Seven Sacred Teachings throughout the school year. Living by these teachings helps us to live with balance and harmony. We attended a virtual Seven Sacred teachings puppet show held by Halifax Regional Library.  We also painted a bear that represents courage, one of the Seven Sacred teaching. By the end of the year students will have painted all seven teaching as a reminder to live by these teachings

We are still practicing Growth Mindset since September. It takes a lot of practice to master the Growth Mindset. We must always think positively. Thinking and being positive can go a long way. Failure is learning. We must train our brains to look at mistakes and failure as growth… “I can do better” or “Next time I will do better.” 

November will surely be another great month of learning. On November 23rd report cards will be sent home. Remembrance Day is quickly approaching. We will participate in the Remembrance Day Poster Contest. We will acknowledge and remember our brave Sma’knisk (Warriors/Soldiers) that fought for our freedom and will be thankful for their service.

Grade 4’s would like to wish Brenda and Leela a Happy belated Birthday as they celebrated their birthdays in October. 

Ms. Stephens