September 2021 Note…

Welcome back to school everyone! Hope you had a great summer and I am looking forward
to hearing all about it. A few reminders about being prepared for gym class: it is important to
have a water bottle, running shoes (and outdoor shoes because if the weather is good we
will likely be outside), an extra shirt if you have an early gym class so you won’t be
uncomfortable, and a growth mindset when it comes to learning new skills and games.
I am interested in looking at having a couple of varsity teams this year. If you are interested
in playing junior high volleyball or high school basketball please let me know so I can see if we
have enough interest to join the varsity league this year. If there is another sport you would
like to see I am entertaining all possibilities. So students if there is a sport that is important to
you let me know and I will try my best to make something happen!