November 2020 Note…

We have settled into a good routine with Ms. Bev ‘rolling in to the classrooms’ for music class.  We are limited with no singing due to Covid restrictions, but we are doing lots of instrument/movement activities to a wide range of music and songs.  The program I am using for our lessons is called “Musicplay’.  I welcome you to check it out online.  It’s a great program that meets and/or exceeds music outcomes (primary-Gr 6) for music education. 

All students have access to this program online as well.  We will be spending some time together in class soon exploring the many wonderful things available to us through Musicplay.

With the rule of no sharing, each student has been provided with individual music bags with homemade instruments and various items for music class.  The students enjoy making music as we learn all about the elements of music.

In honour of Mi’kmaq History Month, the grade 2 to 6 music classes, have been learning to add an accompaniment  to The Honour Song with resonator bells, boomwhackers, and drums.

The upper grades (3-6) have also been learning some American Sign Language (ASL) this month through the song ‘ Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe’. It’s a beautiful song and made even more beautiful when signing ASL. (It is so hard not to sing along!)

We’ve got some great little musicians here at LSK!