October 2020 Note…

Hello students and parents!

September is over and we have been back at school for a few weeks. In that time we have jumped into work in grade 7-8-9 and are having fun with our learning already. In grade 7 we have used individual cereal bars to look at mixtures and in grade 8 and 9 we have used individual cakes with candies to represent plant and animal cells. Science is FUN! In grade 7 English we are reading a novel called Not Cancelled and it is full of stories of things that are positive throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic. Students are generating great conversations. Just a reminder to students and parents – all of the assignments from Grades 7-9 Science as well as Grade 7 English and Health are posted in students google classrooms so they can access any work that has been missed. I’m excited to keep on learning and having engaging discussions in grades 7-9! 

Ms. Hilchey