February 2021 Note…

I am excited to be back with the Grade 6 class. We have found a groove. The students are working hard and are settling into a routine. I am grateful for their patience and kindness, towards me and with each other. 

Our goal is –In a world where you can grow up to be anything—be KIND . I am not sure of the origin of the quote.

It has taken me a bit to adjust to the learning styles and abilities of each child. As we go along things will follow a routine. That always makes a difference!

This week was too exciting. Hayven caught her first rabbit. How wonderful…exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time. They had the opportunity to watch it being dressed and fortunate enough to share in the tasting/eating of rabbit stew. 

The whole experience took me back to my childhood. I was reminded of days of checking snares with my Dad.

Mrs. Howe reminded the students that simply tasting the stew was a way to thank the Creator for the blessings we were given. So I would like to give thanks for those who set this program in motion, Mr. Marr for letting me tag along and simply enjoy the process, (as I pray for my own snare to catch a rabbit.), for the instruction on the dressing of the rabbit and for the food and those hands that prepared it.

January is gone already. February on the horizon. I suppose that means a party of some sort. It will certainly be  a low key affair at Grade 6. We will discuss options as a class. Food is welcome …if it follows the schools protocols. Thank you in advance for your offerings.

My thoughts and prayers are with Miss Helena. Know we miss you and wish you WELL!

Thank you for this time with your children!!

Be well. Stay safe

As ever Ms.O