February 2021 Note…

Half-way through the year and I have noticed a lot of improvement in students’ fundamental movement skills. K – 4 just finished gymnastics and everyone did a great job! 

Grades 5-9 finished units on volleyball, badminton, and just started basketball. 

We didn’t start our dance unit yet so that will happen this term and we will also get outside more for outdoor education!

For all our students who are or will be 13 by Feb. 26 we have an opportunity to compete in the North American High School E-sports League. We can field teams of 3 plus one alternate in FIFA, Madden, League of Legends or Rocket League. Anyone interested is welcome to let me know and I can provide more info and get them registered. It is an excellent opportunity to compete online and a chance to win a piece of the $600k in scholarships given to winning teams.