October 2020 Note…

Kwe everyone, 

I would like to welcome everyone to the month of October! September went by very quickly with lots of exciting things taking place. We welcomed students back to school, with a lot of different COVID rules and precautions set in place! The primary students have been doing very well with following these rules from wearing masks, to sanitizing their hands regularly. They are adjusting to the routines of school very well! 

We celebrated Nitap day with our class, sharing ways to be kinds and helpful! We are looking forward to learning about our Treaties and promises throughout October and all throughout the year! We will also be honouring our Residential School survivors on Orange Shirt day, September 30th, Please take time to share your knowledge about Treaties and residential schools with your children, they will be very excited to listen to your stories. 

I would like to remind families to make sure students are returning the water bottles after being washed and filled at home, our water fountains are not accessible at this time. Students are also reminded to bring their lanyards back each day as well, it makes storing their masks when not in use easier. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Treaty Day and a Happy Thanksgiving Giving! 

Mrs. Brooks