June 2021 Note…

Music:  I hope singing games including skipping rope songs, ball activities, and campfire songs will be enjoyed throughout the summer. You know many and you know where to find even more… Musicplay, YouTube, and yes, parents and grandparents may have some to pass down from their childhood!  Enjoy a beautiful Nova Scotia summer with family and friends.  

‘See you in September’… yes, that’s a song… and as I love to say… 
“There’s a song for everything!”  Happy Summer! 
Keep singing!  Ms. Bev

Graduates:  LSK 2021

Behind you,
all your memories
Before you,
all your dreams
Around you,
all who love you
Within you,
All you need.
(Author Unknown)

“If you have passion for life, you will find your life’s passion.”
Ms. Bev, Music Teacher LSK 2021