May 2021 Note…

It is hard to believe that April is over and unfortunately we are back to online learning.  This is the best for everyone, staff and students alike.  We all need to stay safe and with this Covid reset, this will be the best way to keep our community safe!!

The Library has been very quiet lately due to the fact that I still have to follow the Covid safety protocols.  Our library sessions are very short and I am very proud of our students for adapting in these stressful times.  They do no need to be reminded to wear their masks, sanitize their hands or place their returned books to the  quarantine area.  I have discovered that they are very happy to be able to choose their own books.  My plans for the month of May is to divide the larger classes in half so that they can spend time choosing their own books.

Last month we celebrated Earth Day (April 22nd) and it was so nice to see many of our female teachers wearing the ribbon skirts that they made during our PD day last month.  I can’t wait until I have an opportunity to create my own ribbon skirt!!