February 2021 Note…

Already into February!!  I wonder if the groundhog will see its shadow or not.  I don’t mind if it does or not because our weather hasn’t been that bad so far.  Fingers crossed!!

Not much is happening in the library these days.  I have been going to the classrooms to do the sessions, but lately, since some Covid protocols have been lifted, I have been able to let students in grades 3 to 6 come to the library to choose their own books.  This is a lot better than me guessing what they would like to read.  I am lucky that our students are very comfortable, and mindful, of the protocols.  This makes it easier for me to let them come into the library.

In December, I had to postpone our Scholastic Book Fair until we had a better understanding of the current situation, but since we are still have some Covid 19 cases in Nova Scotia, I have canceled the book fair for the unforeseen future.  I am hoping that we will  be able to host it again in December 2021.  Again… fingers crossed!!  

Congratulations to Hayven who snared the first rabbit!!

May you receive lots of love this month… Happy Valentine’s Day!!