April 2021 Note…

Hello Parents and Guardians!

March has gone by so quickly and we are not into April. With that brings Science Fair for grades 7-8. This year it looks a little different, with students completing experiments and creating PowerPoint Presentations. These are going to be uploaded to a Google Classroom and judged. From there, the winners will be uploaded to the MK Regional Site and we will see! All experiments have been completed and just a few more presentations to be completed.  We will hopefully post the winners on the LSK School webpage so everyone can take a look. In ELA for grade 7 we have just completed a unit on Ancient Greece and will be moving onto a short unit on Fears and Phobias. I think it will be exciting for the students. Report card day is April 6th and from there Parent Teacher is April 9th. The grade 7-9 teachers will be reaching out to parents to book a phone conference for parent teacher. We look forward to talking to all our students parents.

Erika Hilchey