November 2020 Note…

Hello All, 

I hope everyone is doing well and being safe. Grade 3s are in full swing and working hard. While we are working hard we are also trying to be mindful of our mental health. We are having some discussions about what our community is currently experiencing with regard to the fishery and the inherent treaty right that our Mi’kmaq people have. Our aim is to invoke pride and an awareness of these treaty rights and that they are binding.  

Students have been working on their writing fluency in ELA as well as analyzing texts using the narrative story structure. We have been doing lots of read alouds and shared readings with a focus on culturally rich texts. Parents/guardians should keep an eye out for reading logs as well as word cards that students can practice writing at home.  

In Math, we have been working on increasing and decreasing patterns. It’s been amazing to see how well students have picked up on this concept and they are even relating it to some of our texts in ELA!  

Although we have not been able to participate in some of the same field trips and activities that we all looked forward to, staff has been doing their best to try and provide as much enriching activities in spite of our covid restrictions. It has forced us to be creative and collaborative in order to help our kids be both happy and successful in school.  

Over and Out