November 2020 Note…

Students in Visual Arts 10 are done most fundamental elements of art and will be starting a more in debt study of some classic styles of painting within art history.  For example, Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventive drawings of his times. Also, use of colour and mood from Van Gogh. It should be an interesting month ahead of discovery.

In Child Studies students have been working on child development stages and have completed two powers points, one on each stage, two months and four months. Students became aware that all babies, no matter culture or location, do the exact same things at the same age. 

Film Video Production 12 class has finally decided to do a class film on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman Awareness. Students will be doing all the pre-production writing and preparing props. Once we learn camera use, you might see us out and about in the community, as the settings already chosen are within the community. We are also aspiring to submit this film to the National Indigenous Arts competition for this year.