Principal’s November 2020 Note…


Keptekeqiku’s, It is frost month.   Kikpeaq wini-kiskik.  The weather is getting bad.  It is cold and rainy.  With all the leaves falling to the ground, we can see winter is approaching.  We will begin this month with moving our clocks one hour behind and gradually our days will become shorter. 

Last month we celebrated Halloween, Treaty Day and Thanksgiving with in class celebrations. Due to COVID, we are unable to hold large gatherings, assemblies or take field trips.  Traditionally at LSK our elementary students go apple picking, to the pumpkin patch and/or the corn maze each year in the Fall.  This year we purchased many pumpkins and laid them out in the soccer field for students to choose.   Halloween celebrations were held in class.   Remembrance Day celebrations will be held in a very similar format.   We will host the Remembrance Day ceremony via our PA system on November 10th, to honour our veterans,while continuing to follow COVID procedures.

Our students have adapted very well to the new COVID procedures.  It has been challenging and stressful to all, staff, students and families.  We have implemented additional mental health supports and are focusing on kindness, patience and doing our best to ensure all students feel they matter, while building relationships with parents and guardians.  We are respecting the COVID-19 virus and respecting others by wearing our masks to protect everyone around us.  

For our next seven sacred teaching, we will be focusing on Respect.  We demonstrate respect by realizing the value of all people and things, and by showing courteous consideration and appreciation.   We must give respect if we wish to be respected and treat others how we wish to be treated.  The buffalo represents respect because it gave up it’s life and all parts of the buffalo was used to maintain balance.  We honour our families and others, as well as ourselves. We are not to bring harm to anyone or anything. Respect is not just an action, but a heart-grown feeling.   

Report cards for students will go out this month.  Midterm for Grade 9-12 will be distributed on November 10th.  All work for students in grades 9-12 can be found on their Google Classroom, as well as their current marks and missed assignments. K4-grade 8 report cards will be distributed on November 23rd. 

Please take a moment to check out our school website (, where you can see all the great things we are doing; our school events, classroom activities, videos, photos, and much more!

Ms. Kelly Oliver