April 2021 Note…


The primary class is very excited about the arrival of spring! The longer, sunny days are very welcomed after the long winter! We have been very busy in our classroom, from reading books and learning new words to singing songs! We are exploring with water and weight in math class, the students have been having lots of fun filling buckets and containers! The students were excited to tour through the new cultural trail behind our school, they were able to view the sap as it came from the maple trees, then we stopped to listen to Greg Marr as he explained how the sap was made into syrup. The kids were amazed! We are looking forward to getting outside more with the nicer weather. Please remember to send boots and rain gear on rainy days so we can enjoy the outdoors with the spring weather! The students would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and birthday wishes go out to A’mya, Kendra & Ms. Angie who will be celebrating their birthdays in April! 

Happy Easter, 
Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Levi