September 2020 Note…

Hello! – Kwe!

How are you today? – Me’ katu taleyin kiskuk?

Welcome back – Apskwa’sit (comes back he/she).  Another school year has started, and it is a very different one; a year where we need to learn to respect the world a bit more.

Some lessons I have learned from the elders… RESPECT Covid 19!  Do not rush it!  We only have one chance with it because it does not give us a second chance.  The four medicines… tobacco, sweetgrass, cedar and sage… can help you fight to keep the virus away.  And the most important medicine of all is WATER.  Use it wisely.  Wash your hands with soap and water as much as possible.  The hand sanitizer is only a temporary fix until you can wash them. 

I am very excited to see you come back and learn more Mi’kmaw.  I will be focusing on going outside much as possible.  Please have children dress appropriately for the weather.

Stay safe, do your part, and we will be ok.

Mi’kmaw Teacher
Tania Gould