October 2020 Note…


Happy Treaty Day!

Happy Mi’kmaq Month!

I always teach my students of LSK to be proud to be proud to be Mi’kmaq, proud to be brown-(light-skin).  Proud to have a unique language that you can’t hear anywhere else in the world.

Greatest message I would to share is the important part of caring and sharing among our people.  Not many cultures have this gift, the gift of loving each other. 

Keep washing, covering your face and staying apart, as much as possible. We have been going outside for Mi’kmaw class the few day.  It is a challenge.  However, we will keep doing this as much as possible, so please dress children with extra sweater. Maybe expect some children to come home with mud, a little dirt and a smile. 

Fighting for our rights is amazing; love the good fight Sipekne’katik has done. Keep up the great work. Hard not mention this topic, for it is so important for our children to hear and learn about it.

The leaves are changing color, the moose are ready to be  harvest. Have a safe hunt.

Wela’lin Kisu’ilk! 

Thank you, Creator!
 Tania Gould