May 2021 Note…

Kwe’! Mise’l here and I have been working with K4 to grade 4 in Mi’kmaq Language. Practicing our Honor Song daily and even making up our own song. The Grade One’s have created a song, including Sign Language for the animals named within it.

As we have moved to online learning, I am finding a lot of joy seeing my students in their home environments. We will be focusing on growing our Mi’kmaq vocabulary with such items as: Locations, Household Articles, Animals, Weather, Food, Elements and Parts of Our Bodies.

I will continue to Smudge for all of us at LSK and our community of Sipekne’katik. We are an amazing group of humans who care for everyone. Let’s continue to do our part, wearing our masks, washing our hands, and socially distancing!

Wela’lin aqq Kesalul
Miss Elle, Mise’l (They/Them)