February 2021 Note…

Kesaltimkewey Na’kwek
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Kwe’- Hello

Me’katu taeyin kiskuk?
How are you today?

Wishing everyone love and joy! Spread the love as much as you can. Winter is almost over, maybe? February and March can bring storms and blizzards. We will see!

The end of January, when the moon turned full, and last month is it was full on the 28th, our Mi’kmaw people fed the winter spirit… Apuknajit Esmut aqq Etamut (Feed and Give).  This important month and tradition has been lost so we need to bring it back.  Some people make an offering on February 1st.  I just believe we need to feed him this month, which is usually the coldest month.  I will be conducting lessons about this event during class and teaching the importance of this tradition and not to fear, but celebrate the hardest and coldest month of the year.