December 2020 Note…


Wiki Nipi Alasutmamk. Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a safe and cheerful Holidays.

There are many apps on line that students can use for free. just type in Mi’kmaw Apps. MK has created many apps to help with the Language, there are stories, songs and many more things. The First Nation help desk also has material to help with the language. The one I like is L’nui’suti, this helps in sound and spelling.  Each grade also has songs posted in seesaw for them to learn and sing proud. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mi’kmaw language
Tania Gould

  • Mia’wj – cat
  • ka’qaweji – crow
  • wije’s – fly
  • Sqolj – frog
  • nmusti – my belly
  • nsituaqn – my ear
  • Nsiskw – my face
  • musqunamu’k – blue
  • nisqunamu’k – purple
  • kloqowej – star
  • tepknuset – moon
  • llila’ – walk
  • laqtu – throw at him/her
  • weskeweyi – I am laughing
  • welijesi – i am cheerful.