Sensory Walk

The latest school project has been designed for our students who attend the Learning Centre on a regular basis.  This idea was that of Ms. Andrea Brooks (EA).  Working together with Ms. Rachel Sutherland (Occupational Therapist), they designed a ‘SENSORY WALK”.  This walk includes activities that will involve the student in the use of his/her entire body.  For example, part of the walk requires students to walk on all fours like a bear.  They follow the ‘bear’ paw prints to accomplish this activity.  Another activity involves students in reaching for apples, while yet another requires students to sit against the wall, as if they are sitting on a chair.  The chair has been painted on the wall.

Many other people were involved and we could like to thank them.  Mr. Colin McDonald (Math Tutor) designed the decals that were ordered by Ms. Velvet Paul (Educational Director) from Eastern Woodland Publishing.  Mr. Roddie Gould (EA), painted the items upon the wall, while Andrea and Rachel laid out the course, after Mr. George Dennis (custodian) cleaned the floors.  Upon completion, he sealed the floors to ensure that the decals remain in place.  And to Ms. Kelly Oliver (Principal) for supporting the project.

Working together, they have created a much needed ‘body’ break area for all our students who could use a way of calming and refocusing themselves.