In-house Remembrance Day Poster Contest

Due to Covid safety protocols, we could not host our annual Remembrance Day ceremony in person, and therefore, we could not participate in the Legion’s annual Poster Contest, but instead of disappointing our students, we held our own poster contest.  Students created their posters.  Then these posters were taken to the Sipekne’katik Band Office where the Chief and Council judged each poster.  The following winners are:

  • Grades Primary to Three:  1st – Samara Googoo-Thompson (3); 2nd – Nadalia Paul (Primary); Gemma Giorgi (3).
  • Grades Four to Six:  1st – Fiercen White (6); 2nd – Cruz Julian (6); 3rd – Tomas Brooks (4)
  • Grades Seven to Eight:  1st – Kayli Marr (8); 2nd – Bella Masty (8); 3rd – Jude Masty (8)
  • Grades Nine to Twelve:  1st – Prezley Paul (11); 2nd – Houston Maloney (9); 3rd – Kispesan Julian (12)

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who participated.