Design 11 Lobster Traps Project

Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Bryan Brooks, and a few of our students (Robert, Jaici and Brody) traveled to the city to pick up materials for making lobster traps.  Students in Design 11 (grades 9 & 11) will be making their own lobster traps, which in turn will be used by our community fisher people.  This activity will give them the skills and knowledge that they will need should they decide to open their own business or earn their moderate livelihood by fishing.  They will also be working with Chief Mike Sack, Mr. Josh Sack and Mr. Matt Maloney.

Upon completion, these traps will be delivered to Saulnierville, and hopefully, some lobsters will be brought back to LSK so that the students can deliver them to our elders.  This is a holistic approach to our students’ education.  

Thank you Ms. Kelly Oliver (Principal) and Ms. Velvet Paul (Educational Director) for your approval and support of this project.