September 2021 Note…

Welcome Back LSK students.  We will have an exciting year ahead in music!  You will have a new music room with many instruments, games, songs, and dances to learn!  I look forward to a fun year of musical learning.

Don’t forget to bring along your singing voice!!

Keep on singing!

October 2021 Note…

bev cheverie

Our students have a new music room this year and students have been able to utilize the assorted instruments.  We have also been dancing.

Skipping Rope Chants and Songs Rationale

Give a kid jump rope and they are likely to use it for a few minutes – that’s when they start to get tired.

But guess what?

If you add a song or rhyme for them to sing as they jump rope, they are likely to jump until you tell them it’s time to stop.

There are so many benefits to jumping rope that go way beyond just having fun:

  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Exercises parts of the brain related to reading, memory and alertness
  • Gets kids outside and moving
  • Inspires creativity

Jump rope songs also bring kids or groups together and help to encourage teamwork, collaboration and friendship.

Adding a jump rope song provides an additional challenge that keeps kids working toward the goal of making it to the end of the rhyme, or beating their previous jump count.

June 2021 Note…

Music:  I hope singing games including skipping rope songs, ball activities, and campfire songs will be enjoyed throughout the summer. You know many and you know where to find even more… Musicplay, YouTube, and yes, parents and grandparents may have some to pass down from their childhood!  Enjoy a beautiful Nova Scotia summer with family and friends.  

‘See you in September’… yes, that’s a song… and as I love to say… 
“There’s a song for everything!”  Happy Summer! 
Keep singing!  Ms. Bev

Graduates:  LSK 2021

Behind you,
all your memories
Before you,
all your dreams
Around you,
all who love you
Within you,
All you need.
(Author Unknown)

“If you have passion for life, you will find your life’s passion.”
Ms. Bev, Music Teacher LSK 2021

April 2021 Note…

music and the brain

In March. we had our ‘brains in gear’ while enjoying our musical learning. St. Patrick’s Day activities kept us busy as we danced, played instruments, learned new songs, and worked with rhythm. Every music class, you can be sure we are using both sides of our brains!

If you would like to learn more about ‘music and the brain’ I encourage you to check out this 5-minute video on YouTube:

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

March 2021 Note…

Music Education Stimulates...

Notes from the Music Room…

In February, all classes have been busy making music while celebrating Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.  Through singing, listening, reading music, playing instruments and enjoying singing games, the students continue to gain musical knowledge while working through the music curriculum. 

We may not all grow up to be accomplished musicians but we will grow to understand more about the world around us through music. 

Yours in music education,
Ms. Bev

January 2021 Note…

Notes from the music room…

Welcome back! I’ll be rolling into your classrooms again soon with the new Musicplay program. The new website can be found: You now have to sign in but only once! Your computer will save your password. For all LSK students, the password is b503576. The site looks quite different so I hope you’ll explore the site on your own. It’s wonderful to be back at school with you. Happy New Year!

February 2021 Note…

Notes from the Music Room…  Ms. Bev

Our grade six class started lessons on the piano keyboard. We are using one music class per week to focus on the keyboard. During the other weekly class, we will focus on other music curriculum including singing, listening, theory, classroom instruments, and movement.  Grade 3, 4 and 5 have enjoyed learning about the musical story ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by the Russian composer Sergie Prokofiev.  Ask them to tell you about the instruments that represent the characters in the story.  You can watch a great Disney cartoon version on Youtube. We also continue to sing and play classroom instruments while learning some music theory.  Grade 1 and 2 continue working on steady beat and rhythm through songs and games, listening to music, and  beginning to write music. Our pre-primary and primary music classes compliment the students’  language arts development through singing, playing classroom instruments, movement, and music games. 

“To learn music is to learn a whole new language.”

December 2020 Note…

Notes from the Music Room…

As I’m sure you are aware, Pre-Primary to Grade Six students were busy practicing numbers for the Christmas Concert… L  The students, I’m sure are disappointed, this is no longer possible, but there’s always next year!   

As we go to online learning, for the majority of our music program, I will be using Musicplay.  Musicplay is a beautifully laid out music program.  I value the expertise, experience, and leadership of the creator Denise Gagne from Alberta.  Musicplay covers all outcomes for our Nova Scotia music curriculum. 

The students know all they have to do is google Musicplayonline to get to the website.  Students do not need a password.  If you are interested in exploring the website yourself, I’m sure you will soon realize Musicplay is not only comprehensive in content, but there are enough activities to keep us all busy learning all about music for a very long time!

I look forward to continuing to provide music education to your children as we all struggle through this pandemic. 

I remain hopeful that LSK music students will soon be able to sing, dance, and play in a well-equipped music room that awaits our little musicians.