September 2020 Note…

Junior High Mi’kmaq Language Report

As is the case for many First Nations throughout North America, the Mi’kmaq are living in an era of resurgence of interest in their language, culture, history, traditions, values and worldview. In addition, there is increasing interest by non-Mi’kmaq speakers toward the contributions of the Mi’kmaq in Atlantic Canada, and, indeed, all of Canada.

There are two critical problems facing the Mi’kmaq today:

1). There is the danger of the extinction of their language that, in turn, influences the extinction of traditional knowledge through Mi’kmaw culture, history, traditions, values and worldview. In the last half of the 20th century;

2). There has been a decline in the number of people who speak the Mi’kmaw language, due in part to the determination by successive Federal Governments to engage in a forced assimilation of the First Nations peoples into the “mainstream” society through many actions now perceived as wrong (for example, Residential schools), the prevalence of the English language, both in North America and throughout the world, has greatly influenced the erosion and diminishment of Mi’kmaw almost to the point of extinction.

(Mi’kmaq Language Curriculum, Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI)

Here at LSK, one of our main objectives for the Mi’kmaq Language Program will be to encourage our students to speak more Mi’kmaq in school, at home and within the community. 

As a result of the coronavirus (covid-19), Mi’kmaq Language classes will look a bit different than previous years. Our classes will be held in your homeroom classes. 

This year, we will be planning activities on a monthly theme basis according to the month and season. Students will continue learning Basic Mi’kmaq Conversations, colors, numbers, days of the week, months, vowels and consonants, Mi’kmaq history and culture. We will also be focusing on the importance of Treaty Education and the history of Sipekne’katik. Our students will also be participating in Outdoor Education/Land Based Learning/Project Based Learning that will focus on a Mi’kmaq way of life. We will also be presenting several workshops and elder teachings. Parents are encouraged to visit the school and participate in revitalizing the Mi’kmaq Culture and Language throughout the year.