December 2021 Note…

For the Month of December, students in Junior High Mi’kmaw will be doing project-based learning to help meet outcomes for Mi’kmaw Language. These two projects are: Beaded Christmas ornaments or beaded eagle feathers and Christmas Wreaths.


GCO1: Students will be expected to express themselves with respect in the Mi’kmaw language to communicate ideas, information, feelings and experiences.

GCO4: Students will be expected to express their understanding of Mi’kmaw history, culture, traditions, values and worldview and articulate, appreciate and practise ways these are rooted in language.

Specific Curriculum Outcome:

  • 6.4.1 demonstrate respectful listening behaviours
  • 6.4.2 respond with confidence using Mi’kmaw protocol
  • 6.4.3 develop an understanding of the importance of language in Mi’kmaw protocol
  • 6.4.4 participate in traditional Mi’kmaw activities