March 2021 Note…

There isn’t much happening in the library these days due to the fact that I am still the acting Vice Principal.  What a busy job, but with the assistance from co-workers and students, I am doing my best.  My thoughts are with Ms. Amy and I hope that she feels better soon.

We are currently planning our Winter Carnival events… keeping in mind all the Covid protocols that need to be followed.  Our activities will be in house and I am hoping that we will still be able to have our movie day.  It has been a long time since I saw a new movie.

March break will soon be upon us.  I am looking forward to that time off.  I am sure that our students are also looking forward to a week-long break.  I hope we still have some snow so students can enjoy some outdoor activities while they are off.  They just have to remember to dress warmly.

Finally, don’t forget to set your clocks an hour ahead on the 14th… spring forward!!