June 2021 Note…

Hey Parents and Guardians,

The last month of school!! I am very excited to see your kids and I will continue to do my daily check-ins with them.

What will daily check-ins look like with Bryan and/or Tara?

  • Mask to be worn the entire time (until we hear that it is OK without them)
  • Most sessions will be scheduled visits.  This will allow us time to disinfect the areas effectively.
  • Students can either see Tara or I OR both.  Since the shutdown, students have been seeing both of us and we can continue this if students wish.
  • No group sessions inside the school, they will be outdoors.  This is to allow appropriate distancing 

Just a reminder, Tara is with us until the end of the school year.  She is on the final stretch of her placement.

I would like to say, WELCOME BACK, to the students and teachers!  🙂

Thank you,
Bryan Brooks
LSK School Counsellor