Elementary Guidance September 2020 Note…


I hope everyone is well and safe in these turbulent times.  For those of you who don’t know me, my Name is Mary Davies and I teach 2 classes of senior high a semester and the other half of my timetable is devoted to Guidance Counselling for P-6 and any student who feels more comfortable speaking with a female counsellor. This is my 11th year at LSK and I’m going strong!  If you would like your child to visit me on a regular basis, please inform their teacher who will, in turn, inform me so that I can add them to my schedule.  Please rest assured that the LSK staff’s first priority is the safety of your children. Yes, we are in different and difficult times but, as Maya Angelou says,

“It’s not how well we weather the storm, but that we learn to dance in the rain.”