Elementary Guidance December 2020 Note…

Here we are again at the most loved time of the year – Christmas.  Even though there is no snow yet, we are still rockin’ around the Christmas tree. Virtual has become a go to word for now…virtual school, visits, parties and all other things we are used to doing in real life. So, grab your computer, phone, tablet, whatever and celebrate like you’ve never celebrated before…but safely!

Global History 12 – What a great class.  We have had very interesting discussions with respect being paid at all times. We have only 2 Units left to go and I am confident we will finish them. Students are working on case studies from The Pursuit of Justice Unit and will be beginning the next unit on Social Change.

Sociology 12 –  I am enjoying teaching this subject to this class.  We are finishing the unit on Crime and Deviance and will be beginning the next one, Race and Ethnicity, 

next week. I look forward to the very interesting discussions we have as a  class.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.