January 2021 Note…

Hello LSK Parents/Guardians and Students,
Welcome back from a somewhat extended Holiday Break. I hope everyone stayed safe and relaxed during our time away from

school. I also hope everyone is ready to get back to routines and learning 

For the rest of January and into February we will be starting new units in each of the subjects that I teach. Grade 7 will be jumping into a unit on Greek Mythology and Short Stories in English, will be looking at a unit on Physical Health and Hygiene in Health and in Science will be learning about Species Adaptations over time. Grade 8 Science will find students looking at Oceans and Climate change and the effects on organisms. Finally, Grade 9 will be finishing the semester learning about the Solar System and the Universe. Grade 9’s will also be writing their first set of exams the last week of January. Stay tuned for the schedule! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Wela’lin Erika Hilchey