March 2021 Note…

The Grade 6 class has had a very busy month. 

The students went out rabbit snaring and thanks to the Creator…they caught a rabbit!! How wonderful to learn from the Elders, at this school, the value of taking care of ourselves and providing food for each other. I wish to thank those involved with all aspects of this program from the trapping to the cleaning to the cooking and cleaning up. In these most challenging times, it is important for us to look to the world around us and learn how it provides for us. To be able to walk in the woods and be a part of the natural world is a gift. I thank Mr. Marr and the children for letting me tag along. It brought back wonderful memories of my own childhood trapping with my Dad!

We have been researching the Solar System in Science. The children have created a 3-D representation of the Solar System on a cardboard backing. It will be coming home soon. Please praise them for their perseverance!!! They were not allowed different colours of paint. Instead, they were challenged to mix the 4 primary colours and create the colour they needed. They are completing the assignment by making a PowerPoint presentation. They are working diligently to complete the sides. 

How amazing that at this time a robot by the name of PERSERVERANCE has landed on the Mars. We watched the video clip of this on you tube and read the interview with the Canadian Female scientist helping program Perseverance for his Mars’ walk!!! she was born in Quebec. Her parents were immigrants to Canada.

Art has been focused on painting this term. We have painted the Solar System model and a heart shaped rock. We are now drawing a sunflower on black construction paper with a white coloured pencil. Then we shall try to follow the directions as shown on a you tube presentation. We will explore one other method of painting a sunflower. My greatest moment of success was when a student asked if they could mix the paints!!! After reminding the children that they could only use 4 colours …repeatedly. It was the moment when I felt the children had finally understood the value of mixing colours to their own specifications, as an artist. My WOW moment

We are preparing for the Science Fair which is in March. That month will go too quickly. Please encourage your child to think of a topic. I am helping gather the necessary materials.

We finished our reading assessments for this term. In class we read for 15 minutes daily. From grade P-3 we learn to read from 3 on we read to learn. Keep encouraging your children to read at home. Practice and Perservance!

We have discussed several topics surrounding Black History Month. We watched a clip on the continent of Africa. We discussed slavery and the Underground Railway. We talked about different Canadian communities especially Birchtown and Africville, here in NS. Our last two weeks will be focused on people who have left a mark left an impact on our province, our world. I am thinking of Tiger Woods as I write this and send out prayers for his recovery. He left a major impact on the sport of golf! 

In Health, we have been looking at the foods we eat and the nutrition good food provides for our bodies. This week we will look at the labels on foods and see if we can determine which foods have the best to offer nutritionally.

Math has kept us busy this month. We have worked in partners each day with flash cards and it is wonderful to share with you that the team work has strengthened the skills. We are beginning division next week. We have been exploring decimals. We have used decks of cards to create numbers and in some games, we use the dice to decide where the decimal goes. The trick is to be able to read the number! We will continue to practice. Each student is working at their own level. That keeps me hopping!!!

We are working in the traditional way and with the Chromebooks. That has been a learning curve for me and I appreciate the help the students give me when I am lost in cyberspace. Thankfully that is less each day! Malaki is my HERO! All the children are way better than I am!

You should be very proud of your children they have worked hard. I am extremely proud of their efforts. Each day out creates its own challenges when we return to class. The pandemic is always at the back of our minds as well. Staying calm and breathing deeply is sometimes the very best thing we can do. Your children are treating each other kindly. They are offering support to each other and taking great care of their environment (the Classroom). Our Caretaker has complimented us several times. Well Done Grade 6. 

May each of you at home Be Safe and Stay Well.As Ever
Ms. O