December 2020 Note…

Ms. O is My Name. Substituting is My Game

It is difficult to believe that I am in my 9 th year of substituting at Indian Brook.
When I arrived for my fist day I ended up in grade 12. I had NEVER been in front of
a Grade 12 class before!! Things must have gone well, for I can now say I have
been in every class in the entire school, except for Library!!! (Miss Sharon is a
WISE lady!) For me it has been the biggest blessing ever and a realization that in
teaching I find my JOY.

It is exciting to be someone different in a different part of the school. It is a
challenge to make one teacher’s plan work…even if I must head to the next
classroom for support with the computer or Math (in the upper grades). The staff
and the children have taught me so much. They have been open, kind and good
natured. For their support I am truly grateful.

As with everyone, this fall has been most stressful. At first I debated my return as
a sub. I am glad I decided to try. The most difficult part is not being able to hug
your children. They are so warm and loving. I am never sure who needs the hug
more –them or ME. When they say Good Morning on the way into the building, it
lights up the day.

This past two weeks I have been with the Grade 6 class. I have watched them
grow since preschool and primary. Being with them has been a thrill and then a
disappointment as we all went home with Chrome books last week. I was
thinking…how will I manage this one?

Learning to use Google Classroom has been exciting I have loved designing and
preparing the work. I think these are areas I miss from full time teaching. The
challenge has been to ensure everyone is finding the assignments, attempting
them and sending /posting the completed tasks to me. The most difficult piece to
date has been showing up at the meeting (well I am there but then aliens take
over!!)- being on the site twice…getting lost in cyberspace… trying to find myself
and returning to the meeting before it ends!!! My next hurtle is to do my
presentation and have the children see the work on my presentation. I was close

this morning. Though my close felt like Mars in cyberspace time!!! I am fortunate
that the children can find things faster than I can.

The good news is the children have found assignments developed. I have enjoyed
responding to their work and returning it to them. This is so much faster than
daily tasks we do at school.

Parents who are with their children have been a great support to their child and
to me. It is delightful to watch as you find things on the site together. I am not
connected to families much, and this gives me an opportunity to meet you.
Remind your Grade 6 students that we meet daily at 11. I shall be at the meeting
by 10:30 in case you or your child wishes to ask me questions which I pray I can
answer!! If I can’t I will find someone to help.

Thank you Kelly Oliver for being encouraging and supportive. Thanks to you the
parents and children for your patience and persistence. Thanks Mr. Marr and
Norma for holding the fort while I space travel!!!

To the staff of LSK- You are my HEROES you walk the halls and corridors of time
and space. I am privileged to work with each of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas Break. Be safe and Stay well.