April 2021 Note…

It has been a short month and yet filled to the top! Then it flew by making us wonder…where did it go?

Please encourage your child to read. From grade primary to three we learn to read from then on, we read to learn. Fifteen minutes can make a significant difference over time. This term students will be encouraged to experience different writing genres, nonfiction, biographies/autobiographies, science fiction/fantasy and mysteries. They will be encouraged to read in a subject area they made not have tried before. Keep encouraging them to try! 

They may find their favourite reading genre.

In Math we have been working on division and decimals. Some students are working independently and with different expectations. The month in Math went slower than planned. 

We enjoyed the week before the March Break by taking part in a variety of activities, creating our leather crafted items. Thanks to Brenda for sharing materials and the ideas. Thanks also for the help assembling them. Thanks to Norma for the preparation work as well. We have begun our paintings on canvass of the Medicine wheels. I am having those displayed in the cabinets by the gymnasium before they are sent home. Some are still painting. We also enjoyed the Minute to Win it Day. The -walk- the -trail -day was a great opportunity to be outside absorbing Vitamin D!!

In Social Studies we are discussing the Acadians. We will learn about the areas where they have settled and how changes came about because of influences in Europe. We will also discuss how their arrival affected the lives of Native people.

In Health we will be discussing local foods. Our next topic will be about sleep and our bodies, what they need to be healthy and how they change. 

The students have been working on their science fair projects-volcanoes, sinkholes, floating flowers, slime, bouncing eggs, sap collecting and tasting, a mechanical hand, and growing potatoes. The work has been ongoing for the past month. Some are also finishing their slide presentations on the Solar System. I hope you saw their finished models. They did an excellent job.

Writing is a major expectation in all areas of the curriculum in Garde 6. Some come to it easily others have more of a struggle. We have been working on the foundations.

In Mi’Kmaq the children have been learning about setting snares and gathering sap! 

Art has been all about paint and mixing the primary colours to create our own shades. We have experimented with black back grounds, rocks and finally a canvass.