November 2020 Note…

Hello from the Grade 5 class,

I am so impressed by how well all of the Grade 5’s have done adjusting to the changes that have occurred for the 2020/21 year. We have done lots of fun and exciting things in class this month. In October, we have been talking alot about what it looks like to be respectful to ourselves and others. In Science, we have been looking at Weather. We explored various instruments that are used to predict and record weather, as well as what happens during various weather phenomenon. During Mi’kmaq language class we have been learning how to converse with each other and the meaning behind our flag. During writing, we have been discussing various forms of topic sentences in order to help us when creating and editing our news articles. Starting the last week of October, I will be making Fantastic Friday Phone Calls. I will be reaching out to the parents of 1-2 students each week to let them know the great things that their child has done that week. I look forward to sharing with you all. If you did not fill out the “Getting To Know Your Child” sheet from last month, I will be sending another home with your child so that I know the best way to reach you. Please fill it out and send it back with your child.

In November, the Grade 5’s will be studying the respiratory and digestive systems, exploring ancient societies and looking at patterns in big numbers.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.