December 2020 Note…

Kwe from Grade 4,

Wow, it’s the final month of 2020. This first term went by quickly. The grade 4’s finished reading the book, Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. In Science, students have finished their animal Habitat and research project on google slides. In Math, we were working on patterns, telling time. In Health, healthy relationships, healthy self and Growth mindset.  

LSK honoured our Veterans for Remembrance Day differently this year.  Our annual Remembrance Day ceremony was presented over the PA system, with Kennedy reciting the Sma’knis poem for the school. Way to go, Kennedy, you did a great job! Shouts outs to the planning committee. It was a successful event. LSK Students participated in the LSK Remembrance Day poster contest. Tomas won third place for his poster and received $20.00. Congratulations Tomas, You’re quite the artist! We made Poppy wreaths and visited our Veteran’s cenotaph to find our family members names. We than placed our poppy wreaths on our Veteran’s gravesites to honour them.  

Sadly, COVID-19 has us home for online-learning. We will be signing into Google meet daily at 1:00pm. Our main websites will be at google classroom, IXL, Dreamscape, Squiggle Park, Splash Learn and Epic.

Birthday wishes go out to Liberty, who celebrated her birthday on November 27th. Happy Birthday Liberty, we hope you enjoyed your special day. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas And Happy New Year, Wli Nipi-Alasutma Aqq Pusu’l Punane’ne! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my cell 902 751-0783 or email

Yours truly,
Ms. Stephens