April 2021 Note…

March was a blast. We had fun during the Winter Carnival. We had a great time learning and creating leather yo-yo holders.  We also made earrings and started a beading project for our Mi’kmaq Craft day. A big thank you, to Brenda for the supplies for our grades 4-6 students and also for your expertise!

We will also like to thank Dorota for her presentation on Pottery and making pinch pots with the grade 4-6 students. The students enjoyed this and appreciated the opportunity!

We have finished our Read Aloud, The One and Only Ivan. It was an emotional book, which made us tear up a few times. This book raises a lot of questions about animal rights and animal cruelty. The story was inspired by the true story of a silverback gorilla who spent 27 years intimidating children at a shopping mall in Tacoma, Washington. For our continued enjoyment of this novel, we watched the newly released Movie then we did a comparison to the novel.  At the request of the students, we have now started the sequel, The Only and Only Bob. (Which I was unaware of, until one of the students informed me about it). Bob is a stray dog and is Ivan’s best friend, who sneakily stays with him in his domain. Thanks for the request kiddos! 

Some new units coming on up by subjects are:
Math: Multiplication & Division 
Science: Light and Sound
Health: Healthy Self 

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Spring & Happy Easter!