September 2020 Note…

Hello All, 

I hope everyone had a great March/summer break! All kidding aside, I know this has been a challenging year so far and while there will continue to be challenges it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. We are all weathering the same storm but we may not be in the same boat. With that being said, I encourage all parents/guardians to be confident in our dedication as teachers to ensure the success of your children. I cannot wait to get them back in school and see their sweet faces. This will be a different year but we will do our best to make sure kids are safe, secure and happy while they learn.  

Much of the beginning of this year will be getting students reacquainted with the space and routines of school again. In order for kids to learn they need to feel comfortable in their learning environment. We are all doing our best to design our classrooms so that they will be both comfortable and safe for our kiddos. I would also encourage parents/guardians to check out the video produced for LSK about procedures for back to school and to read any documents outlining expectations (mask wearing, symptom checklist, lunches, etc.). Grade 3s are to wear masks on the bus and common areas in the school but not in their classroom, as that is considered our bubble.  

I look forward to being in communication with all of you and please feel free to reach out to me in whatever way is most convenient for you (facebook messenger, text, call, email). Keep an eye out for my letter soon.  

Over and Out