October 2020 Note…

Hello All, 

We have had a busy and wonderful return to school since we came back on September 21st. Grade 3s are so happy to be back among friends. LSK staff was so thrilled to welcome each and every one of them back with cheers and applause as they walked through the doors that first day. 

Thus far, we have been getting reacquainted with the space and setting up expectations and routines for our classroom. We have been reviewing concepts from last year and enjoying some good discussions about different read alouds we have been doing. 

One aspect we are deeply focused on right now is the treaty rights of the Mi’kmaq people. These inherent rights are of top priority right now, more than ever, given the circumstances of our Mi’kmaq fishermen and women. We approach this subject using some key terms such as friendship, agreement, respect, promise, and rights. This week we will be setting up our own Classroom Treaty Expectations. To me, our class is like family so it is only right that we all come up with positive expectations for how we should all conduct ourselves among our school family. We must all agree to it and we all sign off on it; we are all accountable.

I urge each and every one of our Grade 3 parents/guardians to contact me any time they wish. I feel that easy and open lines of communication is the best way we can ensure the success of our kiddos. I will be sending a handout with some info on our upcoming year including my contact info as well. Wela’lioq! 

Over and Out