February 2021 Note…

Hello All,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. The grade 3s have had a very busy month in January and we were all so happy to see each other in person. We are very lucky to have such low numbers of Covid in our province and that we get to learn together face to face. As humans, that’s where we thrive; when we are able to have authentic connection. 

Grade 3s have been enjoying learning about our seven sacred teachings each month. For the month of January we did lots of activities, read alouds, shared readings and art activities to honor the Honesty teaching. 

We are looking forward to February’s teaching which is Love. This is fitting since we are approaching Valentine’s Day. We are excited to celebrate but our celebration will look a bit different this year. We, unfortunately, cannot allow homemade goodies to come but welcome store bought pre packaged goodies (peanut free please). 

We will also be celebrating the feast of Apuknajit as well. February is the toughest month for our forest friends and so we will provide an offering to honor the spirits and animals. 

That’s all for now!
Over and Out