May 2021 Note…

Here we go again, back to online learning but before we get to that let’s talk about the month of April. The grade 2’s had a great month of April. The month started off with Easter, where students enjoyed an Easter themed art project. Students were asked to draw a bunny and then decorate the background with symbols and colours associated with Easter. Earth day also fell in the month of April, which inspired students to write our planet a letter sharing things they were thankful for and ways they could help protect Earth from the harms of pollution. In ELA, we finished our unit on working with non-fictional text. In math, students continued to enhance their mathematical skills using strategies such as borrowing and carrying over to solve more difficult addition and subtraction problems. In social studies, students learned the difference between a producer and consumer and that some are involved in goods and services. They also examined how consumer’s make decisions through comparing needs and wants. April was a great month for the grade 2’s but unfortunately we’ve had to make the transition back to online learning.

The students are so resilient at LSK, they’ve once again had to make the transition to at home learning. They are becoming pros at it because this transition has been the smoothest in my opinion. As we make our move back to online learning students will be starting their poetry unit during our morning literacy block. In math, students began to explore measurement as they’ve used non-standard units to measure a variety of items in and around their homes. It’s unfortunate but the move back to online learning was made to keep everyone’s safety in mind and I know in grade 2, the students will be happy to continue their learning journey even through a screen on a computer.

Tyler Schussler