March 2021 Note…

As we continued to move forward into 2021 and are now at the end of February, students have settled back into their routines and schedules. It was great to get back into the swing of things because February was a month full of fun and learning. In ELA, students expanded their knowledge of non-fictional texts. We looked at specific features that are common in non- fictional texts and highlighted information that improved our understanding. We also compared non-fiction with fiction, so students could see the differences and similarities. In math, students continued to work on addition and subtraction strategies. Students were given larger number problems to solve, which challenged students to use and practice any new strategies they’ve learned. February was African Heritage Month in Nova Scotia, so we used the opportunity to learn about people with African heritage that have made a difference in the world especially regarding equality. We studied contributions made by prominent African Canadian/Americans such as; Viola Desmond, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. In art, students were able to take the spirit of Valentine’s Day to create hearts using paint and cotton balls as dabbers. February was filled with fun learning activities that will help us move into March.

Looking ahead to March, the fun and learning doesn’t stop. In March, we will be continuing to explore non-fictional texts. In math, students are going to start exploring 3D shapes, which will follow an addition and subtraction unit that will include more challenging problems. During our exploration unit in March, students will be looking at the different states of matter. St. Patrick’s Day also falls in the month of March, which will provide us our theme for an art-based painting project. February is almost in the rearview mirror and I can’t wait for all the learning opportunities that will happen in March.

Tyler Schussler