December 2020 Note…

November was a month filled with lots of experiences that were both fun and educational. In literacy our class explored a variety of fictional texts that expanded our knowledge of writing, listening and reading. In Science, students focused on the properties of both air and water. We also examined how both are connected in the environment and how water never really stops moving through the process we call the water cycle. Our school also commemorated Remembrance Day during the month of November with a ceremony announced over the Pa system. Due to the COVID-19 our school wasn’t able to host the traditional type of Remembrance Day ceremony however, our school created a ceremony that included a Remembrance Day video and student readings of poetry over the intercom so, that we could enjoy it from the safety of our classroom bubbles. Students also participated in an LSK poster contest, where students had to create a Remembrance Day themed poster.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us out of the classroom and back to at home learning. The decision was made to protect everyone’s health and safety. We will be working at home until the Christmas break. After the Christmas break things will be re-evaluated. Students will be working with their teachers online with a priority placed on literacy and math with other subjects integrated in. During this round of at home learning, students have received Chrome books to help them succeed at home. I’m looking forward to creating at home activities that will expand our student’s knowledge and understanding. Stay safe everyone.

Tyler Schussler